Dear Forum Members, Partners and associates

The result of the Referendum on 16th September 2021 on our High Lane Neighbourhood Plan was an emphatic YES!

The vote was 1050 Yes (92.35%) to 87 No (7.65%) and 3 Rejected papers, with a fantastic turnout of 29.9%.

The village will now have a very important document to influence its future!
The committee would like to thank all our members, partners and associates for your wonderful support over the four years it has taken to develop the plan, all the engagement and responses to our consultations and attendance at our events.

This included 150 people attending the open day on the 4th September as we prepared for the referendum.
We said that every vote mattered, and this scale of support will give us a strong mandate to use the Plan and Design Codes to represent the community in all future planning applications, consultations and master plans for the designated area.

We will be holding our annual AGM in December and hope you can join us to celebrate this success and your significant part in it.

Thanks again to you all,

HLVNF Committee

November 2021

Annual General Meeting of the High Lane Forum 4th December 2021 at 2 pm at the High Lane village

Technical Evidence Base


The Traffic Studies

The Ecology Report by Cheshire Wildlife Trust

The Design Codes Document

High Lane is a rural village within Stockport along the A6 road, it has some historical buildings dating back to the 1600’s and surrounded by farms and Greenbelt land. It has history of open cast mining and the canal network from those times still like to Marple, Macclesfield and beyond. The old rail line to the west is now the Middlewood way a popular recreational route.

The High Lane Village Neighbourhood Forum is working with all the local community within the area to develop a Neighbourhood plan for the village and surround area as shown in our map. If you live or work in the area please join us or contact us. We also welcome partner organisations from inside and adjacent to the area.


Other  online documents

Please click the button to view all our documents made publicly available.

Working Groups

We have four main working groups within the plan, 
Looking at commuting and access.

Assessing existing transport systems and anticipating future needs for public transport, cycling, parking and pedestrians. Read more HERE

Looking at our future housing needs.

Seeking the right type and scale of developments in the right place.
Read more HERE.

Looking at our open Greenspaces

To explore how we can enhance and safeguard our recreational and green needs. Read more HERE

How to protect our history in the village

Identifying, protecting and enhancing local heritage that is valued by the community. Read more HERE


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High Lane Residents



Tell us what you want to see in your village 

News & Documents

You can download our recent newsletter combined with our latest meeting notes below.

The Village Gallery 

High Lane is situated amongst the Macclesfied Canal, Middlewood Way and Lyme Park.
Here are just a few of the places you will see in and around our village. 

Our Plan 

A place without a plan is a place without a future.
Please find below documents that relate to Our Plan 

Boundary Map

This is our chosen Boundary

Please view our boundary map below.
This is the designated area for the High Lane Village Neighbourhood Forum. YOu can view our statement HERE

Our Constitution

The committee agreement

Please view our committee full constitution built by our forum members.

Our Application

Our submitted application

Please view our submitted application to Stockport Council to commence the Neighbourhood Forum.

Area Description

A little bit about High Lane

Please view our description of High Lane and the groups and population of the area.

Our Draft Plan

The plan as chosen by you

As we move forward you will be able to view our draft plan using the link below..

Contact Us

You can contact us using the email address below:
Chair: Mr Richard Jones
Secretary: Mrs Claire Porterfield


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